NILAI- Following the lack of awareness and skills in performing emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or known as CPR) in the community and the increase in cases of sudden death outside the hospital area, a group of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) created the innovative product, Q-CaT kit that can help the public do CPR training effectively and indirectly help to reduce the death rate due to the failure of victims to get CPR treatment immediately.

The Q-Cat kit is an adult manikin (chest section) equipped with a screen, audio-visual feedback, a mobile application, and a website. This product provides a new experience for all individuals to learn how to perform CPR in a more practical, effective and interesting way.

Associate Prof. Dr. Mohd Azmani Sahar, who is also the Chief Researcher, said this idea was sparked when the team involved carried out the Knowledge Transfer Program (KTP), which involved emergency training and CPR among Negeri Sembilan Nursery operators. This program gives an idea of how important CPR teaching aids are for the public. Teaching aids for the public are currently limited and less effective, while existing products are expensive and more focused on individuals who are trained in the field of health.

“Thus, in 2019, through the Ministry of Higher Education’s (KPT) Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS), this product was successfully produced with its own uniqueness, where it comes with a “sensor” innovation to identify the correct hand position and an application that can help to get the easy and complete CPR reading, “he said.

He added that the biggest challenge in the product development process is commercialization. Most of the products produced by university researchers face financial, infrastructure, and other resource constraints. We believe that with full support from USIM management, this product can be successfully commercialised and have a positive impact on the community and the ummah.

It is also hoped that this product can increase a person’s confidence in doing CPR and reduce the stigma of being “afraid to do CPR.”

Q-CaT Kit has won the gold medal at the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2022 Competition. In addition, it also won the gold award at the Malaysia Technology Expo 2021 and eCarnival Research & Innovation (eCRI) 2020, and received the best research award recognition (Science, Technology and Medicine) at USIM in 2021.

Other group members consist of Associate Prof. Dr. Norsham Juliana Nordin, Associate Prof. Dr. Sundresan A/L Perumal, Prof. Dr. Hayati Abd Rahman and Prof. Dr. Kamaruzzaman Seman.

Prepared by:
Strategic Communication Centre (StraComm)
Level 1, Canselori Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
Bandar Baru Nilai, 71800 Nilai Negeri Sembilan



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